Earth Hour 2017

As 8.30pm Saturday March 25th approaches around the world, we celebrate a decade of climate action with the dimming of lights for Earth hour.

What began as a single-city event in Sydney Australia has quickly gained momentum in building up grassroots action and discussion to inspire millions worldwide to support and actively participate in climate change and environmental projects that span far and wide.

Climate change may impact us all differently, but the reality is the same for us all. It’s a beautiful world we all share, and what better way to be proactive and bring us all that little bit closer together as a collective whole.

Join us in celebrating with action, hope and positivity for the future. Maybe even share with us on our Facebook page and Instagram feed how you did celebrate, or even share any other story or environmental group you are a part of that has made a difference.

Joining the Earth Hour 2017 Facebook event. Also check out the WWF’s Earth Hour starter kit.

Nathan Meyers