4 great ideas for your next weekend vacay

We all work hard.

Our day to day life and crazy schedules at times can drain us physically, emotionally and spiritually making the juggling act of maintaining a work life balance just that, a juggling act where it’s easier to drop the ball than keep them airborne.

Even though so many of us can share and relate to this, it still can and often does socially isolate us, particularly if you have a career that you are passionate about and committed too. I know this sounds contradictory, you work around/with a group of people, you are living your passion, you are successful, you achieve, you’re gorgeous, you live in a vibrant big city crammed full of people, but the busyness and chaos surrounding this at times robs us from what we really need, face to face human interaction at a more personal level, even with the world around us.

We all need to rest, we all need to recharge, and we all need to get out and make those real-life connections and it is, from personal experience, I can say, when you finally take the time to do this for yourself these connections happen. So, this is where the practicality and the necessity of the weekend vacay to recharge, treat yourself, wine, dining, mingle, relax and disconnect for a few days. But more importantly to step out, meet and connect with people you would not usually have the opportunity or time too. 

Finding a way to sustainably do this when you are constricted by schedules is a challenge. So why not consider us doing the planning for you and join us on one of our shorter trips.

1. Join us this summer in The Hamptons

2. Let us take you 'Glamping

3. How about crushing grapes with your feet in Napa?

4. Get artsy in Miami at Art Basel

Take time to invest in yourself and join us, relax and put some distance between you and the daily grind. 

To see more or maybe look into experiencing this yourself check our website http://trouvaille.club/

Nathan Meyers