Show us your feed...

We love Instagram here at Trouvaille, why, well it’s the most instantaneous way we all can share with each other and our nearest and dearest what we are doing.

At times, we all are in different places, and occasionally this stretches as far as South Africa, to Australia, to anywhere within the United States. We all come very different backgrounds, with varied careers and family structures (including fur babies), that of course makes for very different personalities, which shows in our Instagram accounts. Some more extroverted, with passion for nature an eye for photography and a love of fine wine, or a star gazing food connoisseur, who is partial to a Hawaiian shirt, and on the quest for the perfect Lobster roll, you may even find a Unicorn loving Introvert who managed to find a giant bottle of French Champagne half her size in New Orleans, so you can imagine how different each of our Instagram accounts are. 

We all travel and socialize frequently, and have our individual passions, but it’s the visual story of who we travel with and what we like to do that makes for a fabulous and at times hilarious visual exchange. 

Check out some of our Instagram’s if you haven’t already so we can connect and share experiences!






Nathan Meyers