Want to spend time on your own Private Island?

The Zela Adventure Lodge is an eco-lodge in the beautiful and predominately untouched western Solomon Islands, it is also a field research station where essential marine research is undertaken by Trouvaille. This integral work protects marine and conservation areas, as well as sustainably involving local villagers, providing local jobs and revitalizing the local community.

A nonprofit endeavor, Zela Adventure Lodge is designed to fund local research on ecological and social processes and not only provide a beautiful paradise to escape too, but a once in a lifetime experience to contribute something meaningful to the bigger picture. It is here you can immerse yourself in the unique and natural beauty of this magnificent part of the world, or participate in programs in the conserving of the eco-environment and cultural traditions of the Rovina lagoon.

Picturesque and tranquil the main guesthouse and bungalows have beautiful unobstructed views of pristine lagoons. This of course has so many mutual benefits, there is the satisfaction knowing your informed choices help in the provision of local jobs, the revitalization of local economies, and additionally the personal experience of adventures that sustain rather than negatively impact environments.


Nathan Meyers