So you can't decide between coffee or wine. CHOOSE BOTH!

We value health, wellbeing and all things good in the universe. So for us here at Trouvaille, the discussion surrounding which is really better for you, coffee or wine, the answer is simple, both!

I think most of us would agree that the early morning ritual of making or purchasing our coffee is fundamental to a positive start to the day. Just the smell of fresh coffee beans can reduce the stress that may have been playing in your mind, invigorate you for the day ahead and then there is the argument that coffee consumption may make you more intelligent right ;), (although we think the same about our tea drinkers too).

Then there is wine!

That ever-increasing list of positive attributes in enjoying a responsible limit of wine daily, the pleasure in the sharing of the bottle, the culture and history surrounding the beverage, the winding down and truly relaxing after a busy day. There is nothing quite like it! All of us here in Trouvaille openly admit we love our coffee and wine, and even although at times we are in different parts of the world, we still manage to share with each other what we are drinking on a daily basis. The reason we do this is because we feel it is important to be and remain connected.

Here highlights the deeper cultural importance in the simple act of sharing a beverage together. We live in a fast-paced world, we work hard, and at times life feels more and more demanding, so being able to stay present, share, enjoy, converse and most importantly laugh is important to keeping us going.  We all need to be able to free our minds, ease our stress’ and share experience’s.

So tell us… you want to meet for a coffee or a wine with us? If so, why not join us for both our Little Wine Bus Tour of the Hudson Valley Wine Country or one of our amazing Brunches.

By the way, tonight we are trying a Camden Place 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.

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Nathan Meyers