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Trouvaille was founded with the simple notion of bringing people together and doing it in style.

Whether traveling across town, across the U.S., or trekking to the other side of the world, life is best experienced by opening people to opportunities to meet others, to learn, to grow, and to experience. To that end, we seek to bring together the movers-and-shakers of the world; the busy professionals of industry, medicine, and science; the travelers; and all those striving for a better world. So give us a look. Our events are chic, our style is casual, our mode is fun. From local curated social events to epic vacations of a lifetime, we will help you rest, relax, learn, grown, extend yourself, and make life just that much more worth living.

Trouvaille ~ a lucky find, for you!


“As the CEO of Trouvaille, I welcome you to our web site, our company, and our vision. As a company we are committed to two primary goals: 1) to bring together like-minded people to socialize, network and meet; and 2) to offer unique, curated, thematic trips in the U.S. and overseas to give people experiences that will last a lifetime. I personally pledge to offer you the best service, opportunities, and events possible that will inspire you to travel, explore, and live life to the fullest. Please contact me directly with any thoughts, questions, or ideas at I hope to meet you soon and to see you at our many events. Yours truly, Paul S. Hardersen"